99 or 169

Hey guys! I’ve been absent from writing, thanks to college and life. However, something stirred in me to talk about a certain topic. Eating disorders. Being thin is a HUGE thing. Everyone wants the perfect waist size and the flat tummy and thin arms. But where does working out and, possibly, eating healthy become dangerous? What does God say about this topic? How do we get around the stigma of eating disorders? I read on Facebook, and other news sites, that France has banned underweight models. It made me think “What if this happened in America?”. I think that underweight and “thin” models are bad role models for young girls and women. I remember thinking when I was younger “what if I had collar bones like her” or “what if I had ribs like her”. While being able to see ribs is not necessarily a bad thing, some people have more pronounce ribs than others, its dangerous for people who do not have these things. I weighed 98 pounds in high school, I was healthy. But I still wanted to look “thinner”.  I know many girls who have and still have this same idea of body distortions and negative self esteem. Now I weigh 108, which is still healthy. I’ve gained more muscles from working out and gained weight from eating more food at random times (Shout out to Cook Out for being open until 3 AM). Thanks life. Is there anything wrong with me gaining 10 pounds in the three years I’ve been in college? No. It has actually boosted my self esteem and made me feel okay with my body. While some of you may read this and think “wow. she’s making a big deal over 10 pounds.”, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying it’s okay. It’s okay to not have the perfect waist size or to not fit in a double zero pair of jeans. God made you wonderfully and beautifully. One of my favorite movies is “To the Bone”. While there is a lot of bad language and awkardness, it caused a big stir in society. People saying it was a negative influence on young girls because it was about a girl dealing with Anorexia and that it should be taken off Netflix. But what about Victoria Secret models, singers, photoshopped photos of their favorite actresses to look thinner? Or a skinny girl in class that they want to be like? Why hasn’t this truly caused a big stir in American society? Why isn’t commercials and magazines being told that it’s a bad influence on women? Because it doesn’t specifically name anorexia or purging? Are we desensitized to this? Perhaps so. How do we get around the negative stigma of having an eating disorder? Truthfully, there is no complete way around this. There will always be someone out there who is judgmental and mean. But it is okay. More often than not, you’ll find more people who struggle with this than people who are mean. Don’t let the mean people get you down. If you struggle with this or any negative emotion (even stress from school, college, or work), I highly recommend counselors, they’re amazing and they love to help and talk to people. I go to a counselor and sometimes I go in to just talk about the weather. And they’re happy to talk with me about the weather. Don’t let the stigma make you not go. Always remember that you’re beautiful the way you are! God created you and He makes masterpieces. He never makes a mistake.


Author: bribrown

big fan of Jesus, cheese fries, friends, and adventures Anthropology and Archaeology Mississippi State University Alumni

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