A Letter to my Mom

When you hear “Mother”, you might think of the lady who gave birth to you, who gave you a home, the best cook in the family, the one who knows the fix for anything, or the one who always gives love, ect. When I think of my mom, I think of all these things and more!  My mom is the best cook (which every child agrees that their mom is the best cook). But my mom has been there and supported me and my crazy adventures every step of the way. I’ve called her at 3 AM just to talk, I also call her 20 times in a day just to talk, but can you blame me? My mom rocks. My mom has taught me life skills, like how to stick a toothpick in brownies to see if they are done cooking and how to live a life after God. She taught me how to be a great hostess for family gatherings/parties, Southern hospitality, and how to be a strong lady. She also taught me to love everyone and to stand up for myself. Needless to say, she’s taught me a lot. And I love her to death. I’ve been with this lady for 20 years, and she’s my best friend and my mom. So happy Mom’s day, Mom! You rock! I would also like to thank my “other moms” who have helped raise me and teach me life things, such as: my (soon to be) mom-in-law Cortney, Geraldine, Sherri, and Heather. Y’all are wonderful people who I’ve had the honor of knowing (and some of y’all have watched me grow up). Y’all have supported me and made me part of y’alls family. Y’all have also fed me great food, and I’m thankful for that as well (because I love food). But thank y’all! And happy Mother’s Day! I love y’all! And happy Mother’s Day to all of the other mothers out there! Y’all are awesome! 


Author: bribrown

big fan of Jesus, cheese fries, friends, and adventures Anthropology and Archaeology Mississippi State University Alumni

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