Jesus went to Hell… What?

One day I was in the car with my dad. We were having a theological conversation (I don’t remember about what) and he said “well, Jesus went to Hell when He died for our sins.”. I was blown away. I had never heard of that before. We hear that He cast our sins away or carried our sins, but we never hear about where He puts them. Personally, I figured some part of a black hole in the Supernatural world that even Captain Kirk from Star Trek wouldn’t dare to go. In a deep, philosophical way that black hole was Hell. Hell is a place full of fire and pain. (Matthew 13: 42).  It is also dark, because it is separated from God (2 Thessalonians 1:9). Jesus was beat, mocked, and scorned by the people of Earth, then made to carry His own cross (which one can imagine being heavy). He was then crucified and died.  But it was in the garden (of Gethsemane) that He decided that He would rather go to Hell for us than go to Heaven without us. (Max Lucado). But guess what? Three days later, He arose! Death could not hold Him down. And then He ascended into Heaven! Awesome, right?! (yes, yes it is). He went to Hell for you, for me, and for everyone. If you were the only person on Earth, He would still come back, die, and go to Hell for you. That’s true love. And oh how He loves you.


Happy Easter, y’all!


Author: bribrown

big fan of Jesus, cheese fries, friends, and adventures Anthropology and Archaeology Mississippi State University Alumni

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