Lion and the Lamb

As I was sitting in one of my best friend’s cars listening to “Lion and the Lamb” by Ramp Worship, I realized something. I forget how big God is. Sometimes I think of God as this person who is Sovereign, yet tiny. Not tiny as He can’t do anything, but tiny as I forget that He can do anything. Often times, we go through our lives and have mountains are in our spiritual and worldly lives, we forget that God gives us the power to tell the mountain to move and it will (Matthew 17:20). We forget that if we ask God to help us and to move it, He will (if it is according to His will). We forget that if we just take God out of the box we like to put Him in, He will do great things in our lives and make us feel whole. We walk into work and say “Ugh, it’s going to take a miracle to get me through today”. God does give us miracles. However, we might miss them or not truly see how powerful God is. The same God that created the Heavens and the Earth, the same God that talked through the burning bush (Exodus 3), the same God that sent the fire to Elijah to prove He was God (1 Kings 18:21-39), the same God that raised the dry bones back to life (Ezekiel 37:1-10),  the same God that died on the cross, cast our sins into Hell, and rose again on the third day (Matthew 27-28) is the same God that lives in us today. The song states “Our God is the Lion of Judah, He’s roaring with power and fighting our battles…who can stop the Lord Almighty”. He fights our battles for us. He goes before us. Look at the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17). David was tiny, a Shepard. But he had a heart for God. Goliath, a 9-10 Foot tall Philistine, who tormented the people of God. David trusted in God to help him fight this battle. Spoiler alert: David won. We often forget that no matter how big the giant is that we are facing, the God that lives within us is bigger. We forget that He is the Lion of Judah and is fighting for us. We forget that He was the Lamb that was slain for us and then rose again on the third day. Who or what can stop the Lord Almighty? Nothing. If our God is for us, who can ever stop us? No weapon formed against us shall remain (Isaiah 54:17).


Author: bribrown

big fan of Jesus, cheese fries, friends, and adventures Anthropology and Archaeology Mississippi State University Alumni

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